Winter Wilson Preview

The folk band Winter Wilson are back on tour, performing their original folk songs with tight harmonies at the South Holland Centre in Spalding on January 8.

The band members are Kip Winter, who provides female lead vocals and plays the flute, accordion and guitar and Dave Winter, who plays the banjo, guitar and provides male vocals.

Martin Browne from the Spalding Folk Club said: “The sound itself is melodic, compassionate and delivered with sweet, accurate voices that frequently soar with beautiful harmonies.”

 The married couple have toured extensively across the world since becoming full time musicians eight years ago, playing Spalding twice before in 2016 and 2017. They live in Sleaford and met 25 years ago, explaining the chemistry on the stage.

The Spalding concert kick-starts their 2020 tour, cutting back to 70 dates after the busiest year yet in 2019. This included a world tour with a gig at the Edinburgh Fringe and a Canadian show that had to be live streamed as it sold out so quickly.

The year also saw the release of their first live album and tenth release overall, Live and Unconventional. Their first album, By the Skin of Our Teeth was released in 1999.

Fresh material is currently being written, so the show will include some of their back catalogue and crowd favourites such as Ghost, a song written about an article Dave read in The Big Issue magazine.

The band are popular with fans for the music but also their jokes and chat between songs.

Kip said: “The music is always the most important thing but some of the songs can be quite hard hitting so it’s good to lighten it up between. We consider ourselves as entertainers, not just singers.”

Folk music has had a mainstream resurgence since bands such as Mumford and Sons released successful chart hits like I Will Wait in 2012, altering folk music’s demographic to include younger generations.

Dave said: “There are a lot more young people performing folk music these days but it’s not being reflected in the audiences at folk clubs. We’ve found that folk festivals draw younger audiences.”

Martin concluded: “We love Winter Wilson to bits and for many years they have been supportive of live music events in our area, where members are always keen to see them back.”

Currently there is only one other show scheduled in Lincolnshire on February 28 in Morton, so this might be one of the only opportunities to see Winter Wilson live in the region.

Tickets are £6 with the show starting at 8pm. Contact the South Holland Centre on 01775 764777 to book.