The Dreaded PT

I can’t put it off any longer. The dreaded PT is upon us and actually I think I would rather be shouted at in the gym for an hour than face the real reality of… Potty training. As a mum of two boys I am outnumbered in the toilet department, and have to just acceptContinue reading “The Dreaded PT”

The Terrible Twos

The clock strikes midnight turning your gorgeous bundle of joy into a two-year-old. Like magic dust has been sprinkled over their pillow as they sleep, the ‘terrible twos’ alter their attitude and you are left wondering what on earth happened to your baby over night? The sweet alliteration lulls you into a false sense ofContinue reading “The Terrible Twos”

School Mum

At the tender age of 30 I became a school mum, no longer smug booking term time holidays at bargain prices. I’d heard so many horror stories about the dreaded school gate. A year in, what would I tell myself? BBC’s Motherland, a comedy based around a group of school mums is actually quite depressingContinue reading “School Mum”

Screen Tourism

As the latest series of the BBC’s Peaky Blinders reached its disappointing conclusion, like many others across the world, I felt deflated at the prospect of waiting two more long years for the penultimate, and hopefully more action-packed, series. As the mania and hype builds further, the Peaky Blinders effect has tourism at an allContinue reading “Screen Tourism”

Ticket pricing in the West End

Some of my fondest childhood memories are annual birthday trips to London. Shopping, sightseeing, amazingly calorific food topped off with a West End theatre production of my choice. The soundtrack tape was always purchased and formed the basis of car sing offs for the next six months. We would occasionally pre-book tickets but generally wingContinue reading “Ticket pricing in the West End”

Winter Wilson Preview

The folk band Winter Wilson are back on tour, performing their original folk songs with tight harmonies at the South Holland Centre in Spalding on January 8. The band members are Kip Winter, who provides female lead vocals and plays the flute, accordion and guitar and Dave Winter, who plays the banjo, guitar and providesContinue reading “Winter Wilson Preview”

Reading with young children

Ailsa Adams, columnist and mother to George and Wilf, aged five and two explains why reading with your small children is still important in 2020. As the digital world encroaches on our lives further, it is still important to read physical books with young children and babies. The benefits are far reaching for both theContinue reading “Reading with young children”